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DZB4804A composition instrument
NO.: SN20170604180938358


DZB4804A combination instrument

(1) It uses step motor driver pointer to indicate the working current, voltage and driving speed of the car;   

(2) It uses colored LED stripe to indicate the battery remaining capacity;   

(3) It uses LCD to display the working hours and accumulative driving mileage of the vehicle;

(4) It uses highlight LED to indicate forward, back, left and right tuning, braking and distance light etc.;

(5) The step motor pointer can realise zero reset  once powering off;

(6) The instrument working power and indicator light control the power supply for electrical isolation;

(7) The instrument can output 12V power for power supply of the speed sensor;

(8) It uses eeprom for real-time storage of the related data, and has the power-lossing memory function;

(9) The instrument has features of beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, convenient installation, overall function and strong expansibility. 

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