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Electrical-hydraulic reversing control box
NO.: SN20170604183415220


Electrical-hydraulic reversing control box

This product, with single-chip microcomputer as the core, is widely used in stroke OPS system in hydraulic torque converter forklift. The OPS system can prevent movement when there is no operator sitting in the operating position, and can return the neutral alarm.

Main functions

1. Stroke OPS function: When driving, once the driver leaves the seat, OPS system starts. The OPS light is on and the buzzer alarms for about 1 second, and the car will be automatically stopped. If the driver returns to the seat within 2 seconds, OPS system will be automatically canceled.

2.  Back neutral alarm: When the stroke OPS system starts, if the driver does not return the control stick to the neutral position after back to the seat, the buzzer will alarm continuously, meaning OPS system is not canceled. Now if the control stick is returned to the neutral position, the OPS system is canceled. 

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