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Car networking terminal IZD002
NO.: SN20170604183126350


Car networking terminal XZD002

Product overview

XZD002 car terminal, as a kind of car display terminal with multiple applications, is independently installed with the car instrument, and is widely used in industrial, logistics, agricultural and other spacial vehicle under car networking. It has functions of GPS, RFID card swiping, start-up check, WIFI and Bluetooth wireless communication, voice prompt, data storage, bus communication, and can real-time display car speed, load weight, alarming info etc.

Main features

1. GPS

The car-carried terminal, with the built-in GPS+BD GPS module, has preciser positioning. The navigation map software uses Autonavi or Baidu Navigation that supports offline map and its more reliable as it can complete navigation plan without connecting the internet. When used with internet, the info it searched is more, newer and faster.

RFID card swiping

Drivers can swipe the card through RFID in the car-carried terminal for personal identification and upload it to the management platform, which can effectively manage the drivers’ work.

2. Start-up check

The start-up check item is customized for the car. After the driver swiped the card and logged on, there will be voice reminding the start-up check. The driver will check and confirm the items one by one according to the LCD prompt, then upload the check record onto the management platform, in order to enhance the security check and maintenance for the car.

3. Wireless communication

Car-carried terminal has WIFI and Bluetooth wireless communication. The WIFI can help indoor GPS, and the Bluetooth can log on wireless equipment with the mobile phone for information interaction.

4. Voice prompt

Car-carried terminal is equipped with the language module that can prompt the driver’s operation and make failure alarm as well as alarm of operation against rules.

5. Info display

The terminal is equipped with multi-circuit analog, digital signal input and output port to satisfy the collection demands of special info such as the analog info including crash info, speed info, load info etc., as well as the switch info including the safety belt and seat switch etc., which greatly expand the monitor function of the car.

Main technical parameters

Product name

Car-carried terminal


1. Independent car-carried terminal supporting multiple installation methods;

2. 43-second TFT LCD;

3. Support driver identification, and set-up check function;

4. Support GPS + BD dual-mode

5. Support GPS, 3G, 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth and other wireless communication

5. Support voice

6. Support direct vehicle data collection and transmit data from CAN bus and R232 to the instrument and controller.


 System configuration



User interface


7 buttons


4.3-inch highlight LCD with resolution of 480*272


Voice prompt and alarm

Communication performance

GPRS 3G 4G   WIFI   Bluetooth

Communication interface

1 RS232 interface  1 WIFI interface  1 CAN bus interface

External hardware interface

26-core AMP water-proof connector

Power performance (Power supply, power, using time)

Built-in lithium battery


External input voltage



1.Strong adaptability, suitable for all industrial vehicle;

2.Independently sample the car info or communicate through bus to the car instrument or controller

3.Complete functions

4.Flexible installation


1.Card swiping, start-up check, and info exchange through LCD and voice module with the platform to realize remote schedule and monitor;

2.Further expand wireless communication function such as WIFI and Bluetooth etc;

3.Car operation record, car condition and event record, alarming, maintenance and statistical statement

4.Operation and event records of the driver


1. Suitable for the front and back loading of all industrial vehicle including diesel cars, electric forklifts, pallet truck etc.;

2. Car data collection function can be customized according to the application demands and collection conditions.

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