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HZB194 composition instrument
NO.: SN20170604182042147


HZB194 series forklift digital composition instrument uses digitized processing method, and displays the key parameters with LED 10-segment, LCD and alarming indication. It has good HMI.  

1. Thermometer: 10-segment LCD display: 1-5-Green, 6-8-Yellow, 9-10-Red. When alarming (9-10), the 2nd red LED flickers alternately. The red-two-segment is the alarming zone that can be customized, and in buzzer alarm.

2. Oil gauge: 10-segment LCD display, and accumulatively displayed with every segment reduction: 1-2-Red, 3-5-Yellow, 6-10-Green (10-segment). When alarming (1-2), the 2nd red LED flickers alternately, and in buzzer alarm.

3. The max. range display of the hour meter, with LCD digital display, is 99999.9h. It is working as its symbol flickers. Multi-circuit alarming indication can be customized as requested. It uses high light luminescent tube with dark and penetrated display.

4. The composition instrument has better waterproof function due to the related connection. q

The pictures are: H24C2-40511,H24C2-40521,H24C2-40531

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