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Shinny Instrument Control by "Hefei Enterprise Technology Center" identified
Posted: 2017/06/04Viewed: 9

In 2016 the company declared to the organization of the enterprise technology center in Hefei, through review of materials and on-site review, the company made "Hefei Enterprise Technology Center" 2016 year.


"Enterprise Technology Center" is the development and implementation of long-term development strategy, integration of internal and external resources to co-ordinate the management of technological innovation, and the activities of major technology research and development, promote the integration mechanism and technological achievements into practical productive forces is the core enterprise technology innovation system. Popular talk is not only based on a research and development institution was higher than the R & D within the enterprise or is a relatively high standard of sectors. Technological innovation capability has become the core competitiveness of an enterprise, the enterprise is also an important factor for sustainable development.


On-site audits, the "Enterprise Technology Center of Hefei" Hefei expert review group by the Commission by letter led Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau and relevant experts, accompanied by General Manager Zhou Li, the chief engineer Yu Shaohua , visited the company's technical center, laboratories and production site, and to technical personnel launched a technology exchange. Review group conditions of production, technology and business training of technical personnel research and development company affirmed.