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Telematics 28th National Work Conference, HeFei Shinny Instrument Control theme day was held successfully in Chizhou
Posted: 2017/06/04Viewed: 8

June 24, 2016, telematics 28th National Work Conference, HeFei Shinny Instrument Control theme day was held in Anhui Province. The meeting by the telematics industry Applications Alliance (TIAA) organized HeFei Shinny Instrument Control Technology Co.,Ltd., Hefei University of Technology Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing co-host.

Car linked honorary chairman of China Software Industry Association Zhao Xiaofan, China Radio International Wang Lian, Chief Engineer, China Electronics Standardization Association consultant Han Jun, Industry and Information Technology Department of Information Technology and Software Services Division Director Bao Fu Yong, industrial radio Authority and the Ministry of information arrow Party director, China transportation & Telecommunication Center Director Hu Bo, vice president serves as president of the University of Hefei Institute of intelligent manufacturing Liu Zhifeng, chairman of car linked, general manager Wu Qiming information Council, Hefei Cooperation instrument control technology Co., Ltd. Wei Yulong chairman as well as from the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Public Security, FAW, Guangzhou Automobile, Dongfeng, Changan, JAC, Great Wall, universal, Huawei, Hang Sheng, Great China Unicom, ZTE, mobile, Ya Xun, SRTC BOE, Desaixiwei, Huayang General, Baidu, Qualcomm, Bosch, Denso, Alpine, ICT Academy, the future of mobile communications Forum 80 units of more than 160 experts and business leaders participating.

8:00 am start, all the leaders, delegates moved into the venue, 9:00, the whole hall was packed, after the moderator of the leaders a brief introduction by the relevant units were made keynote report.

Speech by the First Vice President of Hefei University president Liu Zhifeng, he was short and sweet, calm and workers targeted for large research institutes as well as the prospects for development of scientific and technological innovation Hefei city made a brief introduction.

Do next report is the Ministry of Information Industry and Radio Authority square arrow director, he focuses on the management of radio, car radio integration and the rise of issues related to the frequency of car networking, important national frequency plan, the ITU, etc. ;

China Radio International Wang Lian, chief engineer discussed the theme of intelligent integration of media networks, digital broadcasting media present situation and development prospects of application in the field of vehicle networking;

Director of Shinny Instrument Control Technology Co.,Ltd. Technology Center Yu Shaohua discussed instruments and industrial vehicles, vehicle networking relevant circumstances;

Hefei University professor Kong Huifang technical report discusses Hefei Industry automotive electronics research and development conditions and other aspects of the Smart car rear-view mirror.

The venue serious and enthusiastic applause sounded from time to time, after the end of the theme report, at the initiative of the organizers, participants and representatives of all leaders posed for pictures, but also for the end telematics 28th National Working Conference under the plan to a successful conclusion . The meeting for the communication and exchange in automotive work between the units provide a broad platform, as the organizer of this conference, the third-party device control a lot of work, from the early to the late business planning conference reception, victory attentive service-oriented conference was held to provide a guarantee.

Cooperation Instrument Control With the telematics industry applications Alliance (TIAA) platform for networking in the field of information and innovative car, Plough, to create a better tomorrow!